We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service to our clients and producing solutions to the highest standards of quality.

Our belief in the concept of quality from conception to completion of a project is the key to providing safe innovative solutions on time and within budget, which is why we at Wenlock, are committed to quality in every aspect of our working environment.

Feasibility study

At Wenlock, our ultimate goal is to ensure the success of your project, which is why our feasibility study will give you the confidence to go ahead with a project.

Our analysis and expertise will take into consideration the technical, cost, resources, time and external factors to decide whether it is viable, before advancing to the final engineering and production fabrication stage.

Mechanical design

At our core, Wenlock is an innovative team combining design knowledge and engineering expertise of over 20 years.

Every project is bespoke and tailored to the individual companies we proudly represent. We will support our customers throughout the product life cycle, including: initial concept design and subsequent development, physical design, precision testing and simulation, product and process analysis and ongoing manufacturing support.


Formwork requires great skill and experience in manufacturing, which is why Wenlock goes one step beyond to design and create the bespoke formwork that is tailored to your project.

Our expertise with 3D modelling allows us to design formworks for any type of complex, multi-curved, reinforced concrete, turning inspired design into reality.


Relying on trusted manufacturers, Wenlock help our clients weigh up the production options to ensure they receive the best value possible. We also manage the outsourcing of manufacturing and manage the production process from beginning to end, closely monitoring the output for quality, consistency and punctuality and re-negotiating contractual terms if necessary.


A project’s success can be heavily reliant on suppliers, which is why Wenlock carries out in depth due diligence to find the right suppliers for the right tasks. Utilising Wenlock’s expertise and experience, we manage the commissioning of complex devices and machinery, enabling our clients to expand with a supply turnkey solutions of large complexity.


While the construction industry remains risk-averse, the incentives to introduce automation means a robot revolution is happening, which is why at Wenlock, we believe in being the innovators by embracing robotic fabrication to deliver projects within tight timescale and budgets.


Our design team can rely on years of expertise in structural engineering and 3D modelling to provide the design of special steel constructions of every complexity.

We assist our client from initial concept to fully detailed design drawings and support during construction.


In support of design, our FEA expertise includes traditional calculations as well as linear and non-linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of components and sub-assemblies, ranging from simple force-deflection to complex large-scale deformation behaviour.

Hand calculations are used to ensure that the loads and boundary conditions are correctly understood and assess the validity of the results of computational output.


Also known as portal cranes, Wenlock assesses each project to deliver the most cost efficient, timeliest and most importantly, the safest solution to creating formwork gantries.

Our gantry and traveller systems are designed specifically to cater for your project to ensure every single equipment and material can be moved safely and easily.


From domestic products to industrial machinery, we have designed and engineered solutions that are currently used all over the world.

At Wenlock, we can guide you from start to finish assisting with feasibility reports, through to design, simulation, manufacturing and certification. Whether you’re looking to turn innovating and groundbreaking concepts into reality, or require special machinery for a one off project, Wenlock can help you achieve your goal.

Our machinery design service ranges from single components to stand-alone devices, sub-assemblies or complete machines and turnkey projects.