Our History

Wenlock is a UK based company, located in the West Midlands. We specialise in the design of bespoke machinery and devices, special equipment, steel constructions and industrial products.

Delivering on numerous projects, we are proud to supply inventive and cost-effective solutions across a wide range of industries.

Our design team has vast amounts of experience and would be happy to discuss your specific requirements.


At Wenlock, we believe that continuous innovation of new products is the key to success in any industry.

Our main emphasis  is placed on designing and creating new products that will exceed the limits of today’s prevailing standards to make your architectural designs a reality.


Wenlock is committed to promoting sustainability.

Concern for the environment and championing a broader sustainability agenda are integral to Wenlocks professional activities and the management of the organisation.


At Wenlock, we know that building strong relationships is essential to the success of a project, and the most important relationship is with you.

Working with you at every stage in the design creation and delivery, we ensure your projects are a success every time.

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